Financial Solutions for Growth


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in uncertain times especially challenging to small and medium sized businesses with some struggling to make payments and keeping the lights on.  We aim to assist you to improve your financial resilience in the months ahead with the following:

Business Recovery Analysis:

We complete a free Business Recovery Analysis to identify a Plan of Action to prepare you for business Recovery.

  • Assessing your current financial position
  • Assessing the Cashflow Management system
  • Establishing key financial performance indicators to keep afloat
  • We can also assist in identifying non-essential expenses to reduce cost to ensure interim business sustainability
  • Recommendations on Financial Best Practice to ensure the road to recovery for your business

Immediate Business Survival:          

  • We assess and supply remedies to keep your business afloat in uncertain times by registering your business for Small Business Development Debt Relief Fund provided you can demonstrate the impact Covid-19 had on business operations;
  • Assistance with the UIF process if you need to lay off employees;
  • Tax relief measures including assistance with a four-month holiday for company skills development levy contributions, fast-tracking of VAT refunds, an increase in the expanded employment tax incentive amount, and deferment of a portion of employee PAYE payments.

With good financial forecasts, planning and budgeting we can ensure that you keep the lights on!